Student Support

The advisory framework of Tech focuses on increasing Social Emotional Learning (SEL)  and academic success in every student through integrating college preparation, leadership skills and academic counseling. SEL is a process through which individuals develop the fundamental skills to have healthy selves, relationships and decisions. Developing these fundamental skills in our students increases their ability to effectively and ethically connect across race, class, age, culture, language, gender identity, sexual orientation and learning needs of all persons.

Tech social workers provide comprehensive health and mental health services to all students. Every student can engage in individual and group services to increase their ability to cope with life situations while engaging in their own academic pathway. Tech social workers support the advisors in the implementation of the advisory framework Project Ascencion: We are not only in the business of educating youth but developing them as people.

Social Emotional Learning


  • I understand who I am and how my feelings about myself and others influence my actions.
  • I know my strengths and opportunities for growth.
  • I know when I need help and how to get help.


  • I express my feelings and handle my actions in skillful ways.
  • I set goals and I achieve them.

Social Awareness:

  • I care about and work with people like and different from me.

Relationship Skills:

  • I interact in ways that build positive relationships.
  • I am able to handle conflicts in healthy ways.

Responsible Decision Making:

  • I act in ways that are respectful and safe.
  • I consider how my decisions will effect myself and others.


Grade 9 Focus: Quien Soy Yo? Who Am I?

Expected outcomes: Increase SEL skills in identity development and healthy relationships by providing a space where students can increase their awareness of who they are and how to create healthier relationships with those in their life and school environment.

Grade 10 Focus: Leadership Identity and Healthy Self

Expected outcomes: Increase SEL skills in self leadership and caring for oneself through body, mind, academic and life balance through expected growth and success.

Grade 11 Focus: Building Social Consciousness through Action

Expected outcomes: Building on the previous two years, students will be preparing for their senior year by applying who they are, their skills to work with others and as leaders to initiate change in their community. In preparation for their Senior Capstone Project, students will increase their knowledge of community assets, gaps in services as well as shaping what their work will focus on to apply to the Capstone Program.

Grade 12 Focus: The Future is Now! Past, Present, and Future

Expected outcomes: Students will work on articulating and defining what their path in life was, is and will be through a continued focus on a higher level of applying integrated SEL skills and the completion of their Capstone Project as a requirement for graduation. Students will be expected to present how they grew as a young person as well as how these skills will guide them to be future leaders in our community through the pursuit of college, apprenticeships or career entry.

Social Emotional Learning Circle of a Student’s Life