Online Portfolio

 Tech Believes Documenting Student:

  • Knowledge
  • Skills
  • Tech Skills
  • Creativity
  • Leadership
  • Certificates
  • Projects
  • Exhibitions
  • Explorations
  • Service Learning
  • Community Service
  • Sports
  • Paid Internships
  • Advisory Learning

 Students share and display their portfolio to those they choose:

  • Colleges
  • Trade School
  • Tech Companies
  • Organizations
  • Corporations
  • Supervisors
  • Military
  • Family Members
  • Community Members
  • TeachersProfessors
  • Friends
  • Classmates
  • Service Learning Supervisors
  • Potential Jobs while in High School

What do the Students Collect on the Online Portfolio?

 Awards: Highlight extracurricular activities and achievements that make them unique
 Invite Followers: Students connect with family and friends to get the encouragement they deserve
 Post Updates: Students show followers their projects, exploration and service-learning initiatives
 Showcase Schoolwork: Students build a school-related resume, a great reference for colleges and future employers
 Fundraising: Students can launch a fundraiser for clubs and causes that they’re passionate about