Equity Council

What is the Equity Council?

The Equity Council at Technology Leadership High School (TLHS) was established to address the educational inequities that exist within Bilingual Education, Indian Education and Special Education, and supported by the ruling in the Martinez/Yazzie Lawsuit in 2018.

Equity Council Goals

Equity Councils will help inform the actions of district and charter schools in response to the Martinez and Yazzie consolidated lawsuit. We are embracing the opportunity to work toward serving New Mexico students by building an equitable, excellent, and relevant educational system that draws upon the experiences and strengths of our communities. We are excited to engage families and stakeholders across the state in the first phase of this process by establishing an Executive Director’s Equity Council.

Membership Composition (as per NMPED Requirement):

  • Executive Director’s Equity Council membership shall include representatives from school leadership, school staff, students, parents and family members, community members, and members of Nations, Tribes, or Pueblos.
  • At least half of the total membership must represent the student groups identified in the Court’s ruling in the Yazzie/Martinez case — students with disabilities, Native American students, students who are English learners, and economically disadvantaged students.
  • If a school district or charter school is identified as serving a significant population of Native American students, the Executive Director’s Equity Council shall include at least one member from each Nation, Tribe or Pueblo represented in that population.
  • School districts and charter schools must establish a fair and transparent process for the selection of the Executive Director’s Equity Council members.
SY 2024-2025 Equity Council Members

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