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When I finished middle school, I researched schools and found Tech. I applied and was lucky to get accepted. The first day of school was so fun! We met all the teachers and interacted with other students through hands-on activities. It was the first year of Tech being a school, so it was new for everyone. Throughout my years of being at Tech I’ve received excellent grades. Everyone at Tech is helpful and they would do anything to help the students. It’s my senior year and I’m going to be a part of the first graduating class. Once I graduate, I’ll be taking college classes at CNM and cosmetology school.
At my old school I fell through the cracks and floated through my classes with a very low D average. I wouldn’t even show up to most of my classes. At my old school I would have been forced to take summer school to catch up. Tech taught me how to manage my time and supported me with my academics. The social workers helped me when I first came to Tech, but my main supporters have been the teachers. The friends I chose at Tech have influenced me to make better choices. The hands on approach of learning and support is why I am graduating in May.
Before I came to Technology Leadership High School I was going to another high school and that wasn’t going well. I skipped classes all the time and never did my homework. I didn’t have good grades and I didn’t care about my future. I choose Tech because my brother attended Tech and told me how different it was from other high schools. When I enrolled at Tech it changed my life. My grades started improving and gave me experiences and opportunities that I wouldn’t have received at any other school. Tech gave me work experience through Friday Service Learning and enrolled me in college classes which I passed with a B! Tech gave me skills in technology, leadership, teamwork and problem-solving. I learned how to code, create websites and edited my own short films. I am graduating in 2019 and going to college. Principal Cortazzo and Ms. Cynthia are the biggest supporters and motivators for your future. I thank everyone from Tech because they helped me when I was struggling inside and outside of school. If it wasn’t for Tech changing my life I wouldn’t have the bright future I now look forward to.

Before I came to Tech I was timid and insecure but the exhibitions have allowed me to grow in my confidence. Now I am able to speak my mind without being afraid of what others will think due to presenting at exhibitions. The academic and emotional supports at Tech are amazing. Therefore, I have grown in my assets and academics. If I hadn’t come to Tech, college wouldn’t have been an option, but thanks to the Tech Capstone Class, college is attainable.
I chose Tech because I have trouble learning when there are too many students in one classroom. Tech has small class sizes and the teachers sit with me to check on my understanding of concepts and knowledge. Tech teachers and staff help you with your needs outside of school too. Every staff member at Tech has been there for me since my freshman year. They have helped me become a better person for my community and they have supported me in every step I have made. Thanks to their support, I plan on attending college and will studying to become a Pediatric Oncology Nurse. opportunity to find a university that we are interested in attending.
Before I came to Tech, I was failing most of my classes. Tech is a very different school with hands-on projects, service learning, explorations, paid internships and individual support. To exhibit our learning, we present our final project to experts from the community. The staff at Tech say hello and ask how you are doing on a daily basis. They show you that they really care and want you to succeed. I have grown at Tech and because of Tech I have a plan for my life. After high school, I am attending CNM to attain my CDL license, so I can work while I start my prerequisites to major in Architecture at UNM.
I transferred to Tech from another high school where I was in danger of repeating a grade due to take an unrealistic course load to make up for classes. In my third year I had 10 periods, but that overbearing load did not help me to pass. I chose to transfer to Tech because the smaller classes seemed more appealing. Thanks to Tech I was able to complete my previously failed classes while continuing to stay on track to graduate. I had more help and support at Tech from one person in one year than I had in my entire school career.

The reason I came to Tech was because Ms. Cortazzo is the Principal. She has always looked out for me and I knew if I went to Tech that wouldn’t change. The most important thing that has kept me in school was always having consistent support. All of the Tech staff lifted me up and were there for me during some of the worst days. The opportunities and skills I’ve learned at Tech have helped me move on with my life. Thanks to Tech, I will be able to provide for myself. There were many times I wanted to just drop everything and leave, but I knew that no matter what, the Tech staff would encourage me to come back. The support I got at Tech is the biggest reason I’m graduating May 10th. Tech gave me opportunities and a chances to experience college and job training while I was still in high school. Tech is the reason I’m giving college a shot. Tech helped me fill out scholarships and financial aid forms. I will be furthering my education and my life at CNM this fall. I really recommend going to Tech to anyone who is afraid of going into school alone. Going to Tech was the best decision I ever made.
Before I moved to Tech, I had extremely low grades and struggled to grasp the concepts I was being taught. Learning my core subjects through projects has helped me tremendously with understanding course work, teamwork and communication. When I was new to the school, Miss Cynthia was there to support me on the good and bad days. My teachers have taken us to universities to give us the opportunity to find a university that we are interested in attending.
Before moving to Tech, I wouldn’t show up to class on time. I was not interested in school and where it would take me in the future. I’ve had the opportunity to work with many younger kids and give back to our community through service learning thanks to Tech. Being at Tech allowed me to see the bigger picture of what I wanted to do with my life. Tech pushed me to think about what would be required of me to reach my goals. The staff take time to understand and support me as an individual. Because of Tech I plan to attend CNM and obtain my Associate of Applied Science in Nursing.